About Bakehouse Bread Company

John & Nancy McKearney moved to Arizona (from Michigan) in 1995 with the idea to begin a new business and together, they decided on a bakery. Nancy always had a love for baking. While John had never touched a piece of dough in his life. With the help of a French consultant, many months of research, and a fine tuned business plan, Village Bakehouse (a bakery – café) was opened in June of 1996.

We bake artisan breads the traditional way; using natural starters and shaping the dough by hand, allowing a long proof time, and baking the bread in steam injected deck ovens. We produce and deliver our products fresh, seven days a week.

Almost immediately after opening, local restaurants & grocers began approaching us about providing our products to them.

Bakehouse timeline By 1997 we were providing stores in Arizona with artisan bread. In 2002, the two Village Bakehouse locations were sold and Bakehouse Bread Company was established. This allowed us to move to a larger facility and focus solely on the wholesale business.

After many years of steady growth, in 2014 we moved again into a large state of the art facility and started delivering sweet breads to all of the Fry’s Food stores in the state of Arizona. In 2015, we started delivering to all of the Smith’s Food Stores (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming) with similar products.

We work with Fox Restaurant Concepts and have provided hamburger buns to all of the Zinburgers in Arizona since their inception.

In 2017 we started work with a very large industrial wholesaler that provides items to very large grocery stores chains throughout the southwest.

Food safety is important to us and we hold a GMP Audit certificate from NSF International annually.

We were proud to celebrate 20 years in business in June of 2016. Apparently, good things come to those who bake.

Where you can find us:
  • Fry’s Food and Drug – throughout Arizona
  • Smith’s Food and Drug – Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming
  • Fox Restaurant Concepts — Arizona
  • Papa John’s Salads and Produce – Arizona
If you are interested in working with us, we’d like to talk to you! Please contact us at info@bakehousebreadcompany.com or call us at 792-6631.
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