Bakehouse Bread Company's Sweet Breads

Welcome to Bakehouse Bread Company

Family owned and operated, Bakehouse Bread Company was founded in Tucson, Arizona. We’ve been baking and delivering fresh products 7 days a week for more than 25 years — and counting! With a full-heart service approach to every endeavor we take on, we’re excited to sweeten the lives of our customers and partners.

Our History


Husband and wife, John and Nancy McKearney, move from Michigan to Arizona with the dream of starting a business together. Soon after, Nancy’s love of baking gives rise to the idea of opening a bakery! John and Nancy open Village Bakehouse in ‘96, then sell in 2001 to focus on wholesale as a new company. Bakehouse Bread Company is born!

Bakehouse Bread Company facility


Bakehouse Bread Company expands operations to serve restaurants and grocers alike across the Southwest region. We introduce a variety of sweet bread to cater to a wider customer base, including in stores at Fry’s Food and Drug and Smith’s Food and Drug

20 Years badge


Bakehouse Bread celebrates 20 years in business. Good things come to those who bake!

Pumpkin Bread - Bakehouse Bread Company


Circle K begins carrying mini sweet bread loaves throughout Arizona, joining Safeway, Bashas’, and Albertsons as Bakehouse Bread Company’s partners

Banana Bread - Bakehouse Bread Company


Bakehouse Bread Company partners nationwide with Kroger featuring our famous Zucchini and Banana bread.

Hand grabbing slice of Zucchini bread


Walmart begins carrying Bakehouse products

Hand reaching out for Almond Poppyseed bread on table


In 2024, we create our most flexible vendor packages to meet any grocery partner’s demands and needs.

The Bakehouse Team

A heap of baking skills with a generous pouring of passion: meet our dream team of dough-termined people who bring Bakehouse to life.

  • Nancy McKearney

    Nancy Mckearney

    President and Founder

    Favorite Flavor:  Gingerbread

  • John McKearney

    John Mckearney

    VP & Founder

    Favorite Flavor:  Zucchini

  • Matt McClure

    Matt Mcclure

    Chief Operating Officer

    Favorite Flavor:  Pineapple Coconut & Lemon

  • Malik Alrufaye

    Malik Alrufaye

    Packaging Manager

    Favorite Flavor:  Pound Cake & Lemon

  • Cera Marsh

    Cera Marsh

    Shipping/Receiving Manager

    Favorite Flavor:  Pineapple Coconut - COLD

  • Carlos Costa

    Packaging Manager

    Favorite Flavor:  Cranberry Orange

  • Bare Barongwerwa

    Bare Barongwerwa

    Sanitation Manager

    Favorite Flavor: Pineapple Coconut

  • Saad Aljushaami

    Production Manager

    Favorite Flavor:  Blueberry

“ I purchased one of your apple spice bread recently and wanted to know if you make this same apple spice in a larger loaf, or cake size!  I would love to serve for my birthday and for holidays. Your apple spice is perfect. So delicious!! ”

– Ronda

“ I tried your zucchini bread today and I LOVE IT!!!!!! I look forward to trying the other flavors next time I'm at the store. It's fresh and delicious tasting! ”

– Jennifer

“ I just wanted to say that my husband & I really like your Coconut & Pineapple cake and would recommend it to everyone. ”

– Leena

“ I've been looking for your gingerbread, do you still make this one? I’d like to buy in bulk to keep year round! ”

– Michael

“ I just want to say I buy your breads and they are so good and fresh! Today I am trying the zucchini bread - it’s so good! I appreciate you as a company and I will continue to buy your product. ”

– Rudy

“ Just wanting to express how much I enjoyed the "Zucchini Bread" loaf. Very moist & almost lasted a week :). I'm off to Kroger's this morning to see if I can purchase another Zucchini loaf. Maybe one of the other flavors will entice me. ”

– Tina
Table with a variety of breads

Level Up Your Bakery Shelves

The proof is in the bread! We have flavors that please and the numbers to prove it. Become a Bakehouse Bread Company partner, and add the quality, artisanal bread your store is missing — at a competitive price.